Top 7 Best Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa

The Best Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa

Many people dream of visiting Burj Khalifa for once in their lifetime and want to enjoy the vibe of this place. The hype of this place is so uplifting that everyone wants to witness the beauty of Burj Khalifa. When they think of any trip or vacation, the first thought is about looking for the Best Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa. As time passed on, the main staple feature with which every country is adorned is roared skyscrapers.

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Burj Khalifa | The World’s Tallest Building

One such perfect example is Burj Khalifa, which exists in Dubai. The construction of such a thing happens when a conversation is building up between the masses that it is possible to form a building that high. Then only the Burj Khalifa design is created, which is exactly 10 meters tall then the Taipei.

So, let’s not spend more time here. Rather than this, we jump directly on exploring the Best Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa.

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List of the Finest Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa

If you walk or search for a hotel near Burj Khalifa Dubai, you can make a list yourself. But the trouble enters the way when the moment appears to pick up the one where we want to stay. Hence to save yourself from this pain or stress, we formed a list and presented it here with the names of all the Best Hotels Near Burj Khalifa. Look at every place and review the details to filter out the ones you like.

1. Shangri La Hotel, Dubai
Shangri La Hotel Dubai - Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa
Shangri La Hotel Dubai

If you wish to stay at a 5-star hotel near Burj Khalifa and bless your eyes with the outstanding view of Burj Khalifa, then Shangri La Hotel is the ultimate choice. It marked its presence at Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai. A 5-star hotel based on the Asian theme loaded with several facilities and amenities. Some of those are a tennis court, a swimming pool, eight restaurants, a gym, a spa, a vibrant bar, and many other sections. These are all certainly you can find here without any obstruction.

Apart from the ecstatic beauty of the hotel, the rooms are not different. Each room is too much spacious and carries a large bathtub or shower. By entering any of the rooms of the Shangri La, you can witness only three colors: white, Grey, and Golden, which enhances the entire beauty of the interior.

Shangri La Hotels is An Apt Place for Couples or Those Who Want to Spend a Romantic Vacation with their Partner.
    • Distance from Burj Khalifa: Only a 10-minute drive is needed from Burj Khalifa to reach Shangri La.
    • Price Range: The price for a room in Shangri la will start from $ 120.
    • Number of Rooms: In total, 302 rooms are available here.
2. Taj Dubai
taj dubai
Taj Hotel Dubai

Nearby the Burj Khalifa, a 5-star Indian-themed hotel, exists at the epicenter of Dubai’s new business bay. Having a booking of your vacation in this hotel next to Burj Khalifa will not let you develop the feeling of Regret in your life. And if guilt emerges as well, then witnessing the charming view of Burj Khalifa from here will make you feel contented.

The rooms are quite big where you don’t feel enclosed. Other than these, multiple amenities are also there, like a TV Screen, Minibar, Air conditioning, and paintings of famous artists.

If you Want a splendid view of the Burj Khalifa, check out the Urban Rooftop Oasis, Treehouse. In addition, a wide range of modern restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs is also here for all of you to explore.

  • Distance from Burj Khalifa: It will only take 6 minutes to reach Burj Khalifa from Taj Dubai.
  • Price Range: $160 is the starting range for the rooms in Taj Dubai.
  • Number of Rooms: 296 rooms are present in total.
3. Palace Downtown
Palace Downtown Pool
Palace Downtown Pool

Nestled in the downtown area of Dubai, this 5-star hotel offers everyone the liberty to enjoy the place’s vibe, i.e., Burj Khalifa. You can get the chance to observe the stunning view of Burj Khalifa and Burj Lake as well, but only when you are staying here. Rooms are clean and massive, comprising each facility and amenity you can think of. A minibar, spacious bathroom, free internet service, private balcony, and many more make your stay enjoyable.

Palace Downtown is loaded with a palm-fringed outdoor pool, spa, hair salon, gym, and fitness center, all for the visitors coming here. Consisting of seven restaurants, a poolside bar, and several lounges, so the choices wouldn’t be count as less. Everyone has the right to choose whatever they want, and some of these areas also entertain you with their fountain show.

Indubitably, it is the perfect hotel location for all families, lovers, and businessmen. Anyone with anyone can come here and have fun for their life. The name of this hotel is necessary for this list of the best cheap hotels near Burj Khalifa to make it complete.

  • Distance from Burj Khalifa: 1.8 km is the distance that can get covered in almost 6 minutes.
  • Price Range: USD 250 is the general price for the rooms.
  • Number of Rooms: 242 Number of rooms are there with full facilities
4. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel - Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

Possess a wish to spend some days in lavish accommodation in one of the world’s largest buildings? No need to look further as JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is the place you are exploring for. It is a 5-star hotel next to Burj Khalifa, providing an imaginary view of Dubai. It has 82 floors in total, with building on top of it, so someone can see the clouds like cotton in the air across the sky.

The location is so that all the shopaholics people can make their hunger for shopping satisfied. Apart from this, The facilities are enough to mesmerize anyone: outdoor pools, rooftop pools, a bar, lounges, a spa, a fitness area, a steam bath, and 14 different high-class restaurants. Undoubtedly, the best hotel with all of these facilities and amenities that are ample enough to make you’re traveling leisurely. A perfect place for every couple, solo travelers, shoppers, and families.

  • Distance from Burj Khalifa: Only 5-10 minutes by driving something.
  • Price Range: One room at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel costs USD 140.
  • Number of Rooms: 1608 is this hotel’s total number of rooms.
5. Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel
Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel
Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel

Not a bad choice if you go ahead with Al Jawhara Gardens as your hotel. At a very price, you can steal a deal that is quite apt for all of you. On New Year’s Eve, Dubai turned into a ball of light, and people came here worldwide to celebrate New Year’s. A family-friendly environment exists here, along with a bag full of amenities to enhance your stay there.

Some of the amenities that you can have here are as follows: an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, adequate parking space, On-site restaurants, and a bar. It is situated behind Deira City Centre, Dubai. The location is quite correct as it is not too far from most of the amazing spots in Dubai. If you are planning to have a trip to Dubai, it is suggested to make the booking of the hotel in advance.

  • Distance from Burj Khalifa: It is located 9 km far. You can either take a taxi or cab or can choose to take a walk.
  • Price Range: Around USD 28 per night for a room is the cost.
  • Number of Rooms: Approximately 115 rooms exist here for all the guests to take stay.
6. The Oberoi Dubai
The Oberoi Dubai
The Oberoi Hotel Dubai

A hotel that needs no description at all as the name is quite enough. An undistinguished view of Burj Khalifa can be witnessed from here. In search of a hotel near Burj Khalifa or Downtown Dubai, The Oberoi is the finest that you can find. Staying here at the Oberoi Hotel will make you understand the real meaning of luxury.

Some of the main attractions of this hotel’s room that captivate each individual are timber floors, the artwork of prominent people, expensive fabrics, and a balcony or floor-to-ceiling windows. Spend your time here with vast food options with many restaurants, a swimming pool, and a bar in the lobby. Entering here will make you experience a warm and welcoming environment that will enhance your vacation. Indubitably, Oberoi Dubai is the ideal place for all couples, families, and solo travelers.

Do one thing for sure to recover your whole amount: book a room with a view of Burj Khalifa.

  • Distance from Burj Khalifa: You need to spend 25 minutes to reach Burj Khalifa as the distance is around 6 km.
  • Price Range: USD 170 is the minimum price you need to pay to stay in this hotel.
  • Number of Rooms: This hotel comprises 252 rooms that are nothing less than a royal room.
7. Ramada By Wyndham Downtown Dubai
Ramada By Wyndham Downtown Dubai - Cheap Hotels Near Burj Khalifa
Ramada By Wyndham Downtown Dubai

Searching for the best cheap hotel near Burj Khalifa and didn’t consider Ramada By Wyndham is a crime. This list of the best cheap hotels near Burj Khalifa wouldn’t get completed without the name Ramada. The majestic look of the Burj Khalifa appears from here, and the location enchants you as it is placed in the heart of the city. Two benefits are here as this 4-star property lets you settle within walking distance of the Dubai Mall, and multiple rooms are there that, without any interruption, offer a clear-cut view of Dubai fountains and Burj Khalifa.

By consisting of too much variety and options in the rooms, Ramada By Wyndham Downtown offers everyone too many alternatives for the hotel rooms as they can choose per their preferences and budget. The place is ideal for families as enough space is present in the rooms. Other than the rooms, swimming pool, fitness area, steam bath, badminton, pool area, children’s indoor, and playing spaces in the outdoor area.

  • Distance from Burj Khalifa: Only in 3 minutes can you get in front of the Burj Khalifa.
  • Price Range: USD 100 is the charge levied upon everyone staying here based on every night.
  • Number of Rooms: 181 big rooms of every type are here, like studios, suites, double bedrooms, and many more.

Ending Words..!

It is not hard to find the best cheap hotels near Burj Khalifa, and if you want to have a luxurious stay that makes your trip comfortable, you should go through this list. Here, all the hotels are given the necessary details that will make your task of booking hotels easy. Plenty of options are available, but going to one of the hotels mentioned above will make your trip more memorable. Remember to make the booking as early as possible so only you can save yourself from paying too much. For this, you can come to Flightaura and can become the lucky customer to have a discount or special deal for yourself.

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