Top Hotels Near Tower of London & Tower Bridge

Top Hotels Near Tower of London & Tower Bridge

Visiting London has been on most people’s bucket lists, from the infamous Buckingham Palace to other worldwide landmarks. If you are planning to visit London anytime soon, then you must find yourself the best hotel to stay nearby. There is no shortage of hotels near Tower of London, but finding one that perfectly balances the breathtaking views and great ambiance is hard to find.

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Lists of Famous Hotels Near Tower of London

But, hey, we got you. Today we will discuss some of the Best hotels near the Tower of London. So, hop on the bus and get ready for your journey.

1.  The Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel - Hotels Near Tower of London
The Four Seasons Hotel

First on our list is the famous Four Season Hotel which is suitable for all the tourists visiting with their families or traveling alone. Part of the reason why we suggested this hotel to you is because it gives the perfect view of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Trust us, and your eyes are in for a breathtaking sight.

The rooms in this hotel are quite big and extremely clean with a touch of modernity. Other than that, the staff here is extra attentive, and you can ask them for any assistance anytime. Apart from this, you can book your table in some of the best restaurants in the city by taking advantage of the Concierge service.

Apart from wandering around downtown, you can enjoy the Spa downstairs for a relaxing and calming experience.

2.  Shangri-La The Shard

Shangri-La The Shard
Shangri-La The Shard

The next hotel on our list is famous. This is almost 125 high with 18 floors. If you have decided to book this hotel for your next visit, you can watch some of the greatest views of your life. You can connect to the whole city via the skyline views, which showcase some of London’s famous landmarks, such as Tate Modern.

Talking about the interior, this hotel has 202 rooms and suites with spectacular city views and three signature dining venues. Want to know about the best part? This has the highest infinity pool that you will ever find.

3.  Dorsett City London

Dorsett City London
Dorsett City London

You know where to stay if you want to be closer to Tower Bridge. Another thing for all of our shopaholics, the Dorsett City Hotel is extremely near the Borough Market, Columbia Road Flower Market & Spitalfields Market.

This hotel is designed with clear-cut Chinese elements, giving it the perfect touch of modernity and culture. This is your must-visit if you enjoy arts and fine interiors.

4.  The Tower Hotel

The Tower Hotel
The Tower Hotel

We have yet another hotel for you just behind the Tower Bridge. It is considered the best hotel near the Tower of London and is situated on the North bank of the Thames. What should a relaxing evening look like? Imagine sitting at the firepit watching the boats drifting slowly through the river. Sounds great.
You can go upstream of the Tate Modern via the boat and the Tate Britain for a fun day out.

5.  Apex City of London Hotel

Apex City of London Hotel
Apex City of London Hotel

This hotel is considered to be one of the most stylish. It is built with dreamy rooms and suites that are made while keeping the guest’s comfort in mind. It has a modern restaurant, bar, technolothreey, and three conference suites with free Wi-Fi.

If there’s anything that you may need will be at your doorstep as this hotel has the best staff who is attentive all time. More on to the rooms, each room has a chic yet modern touch to it, and it also has a shower and organic toiletries.

You will reach this hotel in just 30 minutes from the London City airport, and it only takes 10 minutes from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

According to the audience reviews, this has to be one of the best hotels near the Tower of London.

6.  The LaLit London

The LaLit London - Hotels Near Tower of London
The LaLit London

This has to be one of the oldest architectural masterpieces yet. It was built in 1967 and was originally a 180-year-Old St Olave’s Grammar school. Even after transferring the school to the hotel, it has maintained many features of the previous school, such as the Junior & senior classrooms or even the Principal’s old room.

If you ever dine in the former assembly hall, you can come in for a special experience. This hotel is only a foot from Tower London & Tower Bridge. Want to know more about this masterpiece? The LaLit features 70 individual bedrooms and suites that were crafted one by one. It is the perfect mix of rich, luxurious aesthetics, old-world heritage, charm, high ceilings, and breathtaking views.

7.  Leonardo Royal London City

Leonardo Royal London City
Leonardo Royal London City

No hotel on our list can beat the record of a 25-meter indoor pool, not even one in the city. That may be why it is considered one of the best hotels near Tower London. It also offers Spa services which give you access to the Sauna and the steam rooms, a fully equipped gym, and different treatments.

If you want to relax from a long-tiring day of exploring the City, you can head to the Spa or Sauna section to blow off steam. After you are all set for the new day, you can head towards Tower Hill, only a few blocks from the hotel.

8.  CitizenM Tower of London

CitizenM Tower of London
CitizenM Tower of London

This is your destination to be closer to the Tower of London. It is as simple as getting out of bed to visit the main highlights of London. If you happen to stay here, you can expect yourself to sleep on the extra-large king beds and blackout blinds for a good night’s sleep.

One more exciting part about staying in this hotel is; the Tower Hill station is directly beneath the hotel, so you can travel anywhere in the city without having to worry about anything.

9.  Batty Langley’s

Batty Langley’s
Batty Langley’s

The place has a calming and soothing aura that makes you want to close your eyes and lose yourself in the aroma. Its rooms are infused with antique furniture, heavy silk curtains, and bathrooms that scream “Bridegton Era.” It is located on a cobbled street in London’s trendy Spitalfields, and the iconic Gherkin building is only a few minutes away from the hotel.

10.  The Cheval Three Quays Of the Tower of London

The Cheval Three Quays Of the Tower of London
The Cheval Three Quays Of the Tower of London

You do not have to go anywhere. The Tower of London is right beside the corner, and your eyes are in for a treat as it provides splendid views of the River Thames. Apart from this, the city of London’s financial center is only 10 minutes away, and each of the large rooms has been designed with good flashes of lightning, a clean surface, lines, and geometric shapes.

All the features include an open-plan kitchen and living room, a flat-screen TV, and an iPod dock. You will also get a coffee machine, dishwasher, and microwave in your room.

Most of the rooms in this hotel provide unrivaled views of the Tower Bridge & the City Hall. The staff here will make sure that your every need is catered. And it also includes a gym if you want to cool off some steam from your daily activities.

Besides that, the Tower Hill Underground is only five minutes walk away, and you can reach central London under 20 minutes through the Tube. Apart from this, the Brick Lane area is only a kilometer from the apartments, and it also features the market and various types of entertainment that you will love to watch and see. According to the Tourists, this has to be one of the favorite parts of London.

11.  Nobu Hotel London Portman Square

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square - Hotels Near Tower of London
Nobu Hotel London Portman Square

This property is located on the West side of London and is only five minutes from Oxford Street and Hyde Park, which features almost 250 guest rooms and suites. It is also infused with air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi services, and world-class dining experiences such as the Nobu restaurant, the Nobu bar, and the terrace, including the relaxed restaurant and bar.

It is one of the best properties to stay overnight and has been individually designed for each guest. From the comfortable bed, flat-screen TVs, and minibars alongside a 24-hour impeccable room service.


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