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United Airlines Flight Change

United Airlines Flight Change related have been resolved in this article. Due to some emergencies, travelers may have to cancel and re-book their flights. Passengers must know about the United Flights change policy to reschedule their flights. This blog will discuss flight changes, rescheduling policy, change fees, etc.

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Key Points Every Passenger Should Know to Change their Flight on United Airlines 

According to the United Airlines flight change policy, there is something that one must consider while rescheduling their tickets:-

  • Passengers can reschedule their flight ticket within 24 hours of its purchase without any extra fee.
  • The airline will not apply any flight change fee if your itinerary includes travel within the United States of America and Canada. However, this rule will not apply to the basic economy fare.
  • Passengers can cancel basic economy fare and exchange a flight for travel credit.
  • Remember the travel credit expires within one year from the date of its issuance.
  • Travelers can change their flights often if they pay the fare difference fee.
  • The passenger does not have to book a new flight immediately if they are unsure about their travel plans. Passengers can also choose a flight credit that they must use within a year of their original ticket being issued.
  • However, if your flight is less expensive, you can receive a future flight for the fare difference if the rules allow.
  • But, the airline will not charge any fees if you travel on an award ticket for an economy and premium economy flight. Still, the flight should be originated in the USA.
  • If your travel credit was given for a flight you reserved via a travel agency, then you must use the credit via the travel agency.
  • Passengers can take an earlier flight on the same day; there will no longer be a standby fee.
  • As for the MileagePlus Premier, members can book a free seat on an earlier flight.
  • The United Airlines change fees will only apply to the group flights that have been purchased via the Airline’s group desk.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy Within 24 Hours  

The United Airlines’ 24-hour policy permits passengers to change their travel date/time/origin/destination within 24 hours from the date of the purchase. Things you need to consider:-

  • All the flights must be operated by United Airlines.
  • There will be no united airlines change fee, but the fare differences may apply.
  • All United Airlines tickets are subjected to this regulation except for the basic economy.
United Airlines Flight Change Fee 

Here, you can look at the United Airlines Change Flight Fee For all the tickets type and classes of the service booked:-

Fare Type

Change Fee

Basic Economy tickets

Passengers are Subjected pay 49.50 per one-way domestic flight and USD 99.50 for a one-way international flight

Non-refundable tickets

Not applicable

Refundable tickets

100 USD each way

Award tickets

60 USD for each flight segment

How to Change a Flight on the United Airlines?

According to the United Flight Change Policy, passengers can make changes to their United Airlines reservation online as well as over the phone;-

United Flight Changes over the Call:- To make changes to your flight, passengers can call the airline’s customer service representatives. The flight change fee is applicable depending on your ticket type, and the change fee and fare differences may apply.

Change United Flight Online:- The steps to change the flight on the paid and the award tickets are quite the same. When you log in to your UA account portal or at, you can simply click the My Trips link in the menu.

  • Passengers can also access their flight booking by simply typing the six-digit confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Choose the flight segment that you want to change and the select to change flight option, and then;
  • Change the time and date of your trip
  • Then, select your destination and add a flight.
  • After that, delete a flight reservation.
  • To select a new flight, you can select continue button.
  • Passengers can continue their booking to confirm your updated itinerary.
  • A confirmation email for the changed flight will be sent back to you.

Re-book your flight via KIOSK: – Passengers can change their United flight at the airport without having to deal with the phone and live chat. The United Airlines customer representatives are available to help you in every situation. You must provide some of your information to complete the process.

Use Social Media Services:- For rebooking United Airlines, passengers can also use social media platforms such as; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

How to Reschedule a Flight on the United Airlines?

If you want to rebook your flight, you can choose a complementary alternative flight on a UA or an express flight. Then, the flight must depart from the same place within 24 hours after their original travel. All you have to do for this is simply navigate to My Trips and choose another.

United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy
  • The flight operates and markets by the UA.
  • Also, award tickets must be coverable by the same policy but not the basic economy fares or specific bulk, group, or consolidator tickets.
  • Twenty-four hours before your scheduled departure, you can ask for same-day changes. However, if the new flight leaves within 24 hours of processing your request, passengers can simply switch to one that takes off the day before or the day of your original flight date.
  • Passengers can add or remove a link, but the origin and destination airports must stay the same.
  • If you check bags, you can switch flights from the same day as long as you do it at least 60 minutes before the departure of your new trip.
How Can I Contact United Airlines For Rebooking?

Whenever you need help while rebooking, you can simply reach out to the United Airlines customer support to resolve any issues you may have. If you still have the issue even after calling the United Airlines official number, you can contact us at +1-833-714-2120 for any travel-queries and flight’s information

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have exciting news; United Airlines no longer charges any fee for international flights. But, still, you have to pay for the fare difference. Usually, all the ticket holders are required to pay the additional fees except for the Basic economy passengers. According to the United Airlines Flight Change Policy, all the flights from/to the United States will be charged for change fee depending on the travel route.

Passengers can change their flight date to another. But they must pay for the fare difference depending on your route, ticket type, etc.

For starters, yes, you can change your Non-Refundable Flight, but you have to pay for the fare difference as per United Airlines Flight Change Policy. The change price can cost you around $75, sometimes more. It usually depends on various factors such as your ticket type, route and region, class, etc.

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