Top 7 Great Thanksgiving Parades in the USA

7 Great Thanksgiving Parades in the USA

Thanksgiving season is on the horizon and people all over the US are planning to take part in Thanksgiving Parades in the country. Before we start with the Thanksgiving Parades, let’s talk a bit about Thanksgiving and why people all over America Celebrate it. 

About Thanksgiving

It is one of the popular holidays in the USA, celebrated every year by the people of the country. The holiday comes on the fourth Thursday of the month of November every year. It has become one of the important holiday aspects in the country, and with that, the people of America welcome the holiday season that ends with Christmas and, finally, New Year. 

It is a way to celebrate the colonial pilgrim where, back in the day, people used to commemorate the harvest. People in the past used to share their harvest meal with the Wampanoag Indians, who fought for their survival during the colonial era. 

Although the festival is famous in the US, it is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday that falls in the month of October. Meanwhile, the same holiday is celebrated in other parts of the western hemisphere, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

It is recognized as a holiday of great importance throughout the American culture, where the holiday is heavily featured in several TV Shows like Friends and Simpsons. Generally, the holiday is celebrated with a dinner served with Turkey as a meal. 

Now that you know why the holiday is celebrated, let’s talk about the famous Thanksgiving Parades that you can celebrate with your friends and family. 

7 Marvelous Parades during Thanksgiving in the USA

Here are 7 Thanks Giving Parades that you can enjoy in the upcoming Thanksgiving 2022. 

1. New Orleans – Thanksgiving Parade – Bayou Classic 

New Orleans is one of the famous cities in the USA that really knows how to celebrate a holiday. The spectacle scene of the parade features The Southern Human Jukebox and The Grambling Marching Tigers leading the parade. 

It includes everything from military units, marching bands, motorized units, alumni groups, and other aspects such as; Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club. The parade cannot be completed with the African-American Mardi Gras parading administration. 

2. Thanksgiving Day Celebration – Ameren – St. Louis

Ameren’s Thanksgiving Day Celebration is a remarkable place in St. Louis to celebrate the holiday with friends and your loved ones. People from all over the world are seen enjoying the sounds of marching bands with plenty of lofty floats, consisting of the whopping Frosty the snowman, floating Garfield overhead, and Rudolf. 

Apart from that, Santa Claus also makes his acquaintance known and blesses everyone with lucrative gifts. The parade starts at 10 in the morning, initiating from 45th street of Washington Avenue and finishing at downtown St. Louis. Those who want to enjoy the parade to the fullest must arrive at the earliest.

3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – New York City

It is known as one of the largest and oldest Thanksgiving parades held every year in the country. Those planning to watch the parade can book Delta Airlines to North Dakota and a flight to Vermont to enjoy the festivity. The Big Apple City “New York” itself attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year who visit the city to enjoy the parade. 

With over 50 million viewers watching the parade from home, it consists of massive balloons, cheerleaders, floats, marching bands, Broadway show performances, clowns, and a lot of live events with celebrities performing. If you want to enjoy the parade to the fullest, make sure to arrive early before it starts at 9 in the morning. 

The best viewpoint from where you can watch and enjoy the parade is Central Park West. Besides that, you can also choose Columbus Circle, 34th street, and 6th Avenue. The parade starts at Central Park West and ends at Macy’s Herald Square. 

4. Thanksgiving Parade – Chicago

It is a special parade with gigantic floats coming through the place. The parade is a 3-hour special that starts at 8 in the morning. When you visit the place to watch and enjoy the Parade, you will see people lining up on the sidewalks, eager to catch up with a glimpse of the majestic Thanksgiving Parade of Chicago. 

The parade starts from State Street and heads toward the Congress Parkway and right to Randolph street. The remarkable parade consists of massive helium balloons, unique performance groups, talented equestrian units, marching bands, and celebrities performing in the events. 

The best vantage point from which you can watch the parade is from State Street. However, it is advised to arrive at the place as early as possible and make sure you are bundling yourself up with warm clothing.          

5. 6abc Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Parade – Philadelphia

In a true Philly tradition, Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Parade is known to be 100 years old and is best known as the longest-standing parade in the country. The streets of Philadelphia are entranced with enormous floats and gigantic balloons coupled with various local performers from various marching bands, dance groups, choirs, and at last, Santa himself. 

Santa arrives in a traditional grand fashion to usher the parade and bless the people. You can expect to see various Disney characters marching down the street and cheering people while spreading the holiday vibes. 

The parade stretches all the way from 800 meters to 1.4 miles. Starting from 20th street and JFK Boulevard, the parade concludes at the fabled Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Enjoy. For the best view, you can choose Benjamin Franklin Parkway, JFK Boulevard, and Logan Circle. Nevertheless, you are advised to visit the place before 8:30 AM to enjoy the full view of the parade.   

6. Stamford Downtown Parade – Connecticut 

This is one of the largest parades held annually in the place. It’s one of a kind in the whole of America and is known to be the best crowd attracting-session during the year. 

Draws more than 100,000 of a crowd at the place; the parade is featured gigantic balloons having the shapes of various creatures like a shark, cookie monster, big bird, land animals, Mr. Potato, and several others. 

Apart from that, you can never consider a parade finishes without a marching band, dancing troupes, and other social figures arriving at the parade. The parade starts on Sunday, right before the actual Thanksgiving holiday date. 

7. Universal’s Holiday Experience Featuring Macy’s Balloons – Orlando

Macy’s day parade is known for its complete fun package. If you are planning to watch the parade, get ready to witness several famous characters like Shrek and Madagascar molded in a balloon during the parade. 

The place is to head to Universal studios, and the parade is one such event that you do not want to miss watching. The parade constitutes various Santa minions and other animated movie characters, as mentioned above. 

All the way from the decor in Diagon Alley situated in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the spectacular Who-holiday, everything can be seen in the parade. 

General Travel-Speculation

Whether it is Wyoming which is also famous for the Thanksgiving parade, or Detroit, where parades like Thanksgiving parades are held every year, America is famous for this festive holiday season that begins with Thanksgiving.   

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