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Integrating Travel Safe into Cleartrip’s Flight Booking Flow

On 20th May 2022, the government of India made the announcement that airlines can start their operations. However, the Aviation industry was never the same as the pre-pandemic conditions. Airlines have to suffer great loses, which gave rise to a major performance disparity from one airlines to another. However, some airlines restructure their system to add the greater values in their operations so that they can work with the greater efficiency than ever. One such event includes the integration of TravelSafe into Cleartrip’s flight booking flow. To get more details of the story, read this post until the end.

What is ClearTrip: An Breif Overview

Cleartri is Bangalore, India based global Online Travel Company. In India and the Middle East, the company operates as an online travel aggregator website for booking flights, train tickets, hotel reservations, and activities.

It has offices in India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Stuart Crighton, Hrush Bhatt, and Matthew Spacie launched the company in 2006. Initially, it was launched as a hotel and air aggregator; however, the founders chose to enter the internet travel field after noticing the fragmentation in the Indian travel and hotel industry.

Reason behind the Integration

After the aviation industry reopened, there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty about the available information related to the flight operations, safety protocols, open routes and several others.

Cleartrip decided to help travellers in such a scenario so that they can sail through the uncertainties by accessing the insightful information. The idea was to deploy the larger set of tools that users can easily access to get relevant information when booking their flights. Besides, it also aimed Cleartrip retaining the flight booking flow.

Problems That Are Addressed Through the Integration

The integration of TravelSafe into the Cleartrip’s flight booking flow was aimed at addressing many issues that evoked a crisis situation since airlines started to operate after an extensive vaccination program.

These issues included:

1: New Changes Made Travellers Anxious

When the airlines restarted their operations, there were many questions in the mind of the travellers. People are clueless about several things, such as how many people can fly, what are the routes that are open, what will be the new safety protocols and eligibility criteria for traveling.

When the flyers are perplexed with these questions, flight booking becomes an intimidating task. Besides, it became one of the main reasons people started avoiding the flight traveling. In such a scenario, TravelSafe integration aimed at helping people in the hours of the need.

2: Make Information Easily Accessible

The dissemination of the information over multiple channels can be perplexing to access and consume. Besides, the information shared in bulk can be tedious to grasp. Moreover, it will become difficult to differentiate crucial information from the heap of other information.

To access the right information required at the time of the flight booking was important for a hassle-free booking. However, the insightful filters can help users to get their queries answers without any fuss.

3: Provide Reliable Information

When there was ambiguity all around related to the flights and their operable routes, rumours becomes prevalent. Besides, the guidelines and protocols are changing every now and then.

As a result, it became critical for travellers to be informed and have access to trustworthy and updated information in order to make better, more informed decisions when booking flights. However, the integration of this intelligible tool has got these major issues covered to help passengers.