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At some point in life, we all went through the anxiety of misplacing or losing our precious belongings. With such hectic routines, it is understandable why things get lost. Often people traveling on flights tend to lose their valuable possessions such as laptops, smartphones, iPads, iPods, and purses. These gadgets and purses contain your personal information and other sensitive data. With identity theft on the rise, we simply cannot afford to lose our valuable possessions.

FlightAura.com has created a lost and found page that is determined to reunite the travelers with their lost properly worldwide. Our highly advanced and sophisticated technology can advertise your lost property worldwide. Our unique and high-tech system links a vast network of locations where lost and stolen items are accumulated, creating a centralized database of items lost all across the world. All those passengers who are searching for their items can log their inquiries online, which will allow the search for possible matches online. Our efficient system not only deals with lost property but also is well connected with airports all over the world. It incorporates various other businesses located within the airports, which in return allows our business and network to expand more. We understand that the inconvenience of losing your possessions can ruin your journey completely. Fortunately, we are here to take care of all your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you lose something on the plane?

The crew of that particular airline goes through each and every pocket and overhead locker to empty it completely. The crew checks for lost items and places them on the seats. In case good and valuable possessions are found, then they are passed on to ground staff who will take the items to an airline or airport lost property.

What happens if the airlines cannot find your luggage?

Immediately head to the airline’s counter and explain the exact situation. The airline representative will likely need identification and your baggage claim tag information, and it will pull up your flight itinerary to figure out where your bag is.

How long do airlines hold lost items?

Most of the airlines hold lost items as retained for approx—30 days to 90 days.

How do you find lost items on a plane?

First, call the baggage department at your arrival airport and see if the item has been returned to the Lost & Found department. If the items come up dry, call the airline to file a lost item report formally.

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