India Banned By FIFA, Might Lose U17 Women World Cup Hosting Rights

India Banned By FIFA, Might Lose U17 Women World Cup Hosting Rights

The day after India’s 76 Independence Day, India hit a massive stone in the field of sports. FIFA, the governing body of the world’s football, took decided to ban the AIFF (All India Football Federation) immediate effects. This happened on August 16, 2022, Tuesday. The reason it stated was “undue interference by third parties.” In addition to that, this ban might also take away India’s U17 Women World Cup Hosting Rights.

Let us understand what exactly happened in detail!


For the first time in the history of 85 years, AIFF got banned by FIFA because of several violations of the statutes of FIFA. It could not have been worst, though. India is all prepared to host the Under 17 Women World Cup in mid-October. However, this decision of FIFA might strip those rights off, and India might have to cancel everything.

Even though there is a high possibility of this happening, there still stays a ray of hope. According to FIFA’s statement, it might lift off the ban on AIFF if and when a new CoA (Committee of Administrators) takes over the entire functioning of AIFF and operates as its Executive Committee.

Supreme Court Verdict

AIFF had an undue election since December 2020, and this is why Supreme Court declared Praful Patel responsible for the same and ousted him. According to the Court, AIFF must have been aware of the upgraded National Sports Code guidelines if AIFF had a moving body. This is when a new CoA with three members, including Former Judge AR Dave as president, was formed. The everyday functioning of AIFF will now happen under the supervision of this CoA.

Might Lose U17 Women’s World Cup Rights

Before the immediate ban on August 16, FIFA did give AIFF a suspension warning on August 5. In fact, before the warning, Supreme Court directed AIFF to hold the pending elections on August 3. When the AIFF still couldn’t go ahead with the elections, this is when the worst came into place.

After the ban, India might not be able to host the 2022 Women’s World Cup. However, the new host is yet to come out. This is why people are hopeful that India might get its rights back.

In addition to that, FIFA also isn’t closing all doors for the country yet. It is about to have a world with the Sports Ministry and is affirmative to receive a positive result for the Under 17 World Cup 2022. “FIFA is in constant constructive contact with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in India and is hopeful that a positive outcome to the case may still be achieved.”

Current Scenario

After the ban, the CoA committee is finally going to hold its elections on the 28th of this month. These elections might actually make FIFA turn around its decisions, and India might be able to welcome different U17 Women World Cup teams from across the world. The polling of the elections started on August 13.

Indian Olympic Association

The times might really not be good for the country right now. On the same day when India received its ban notice from FIFA, Delhi High Court appointed fresh CoAs for Indian Olympic Association. According to them, the State Olympic Association was not doing anything worthy in the field and has shown no development. This is why all power of the SOA was taken away on Tuesday and was given to the new CoAs.

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This decision came from Justice Manmohan and Justice Najmi Waziri. They declared there must not exist any new SOAs in the future. They added, however, should the IOA insist on having them, the SOAs shall have no votes in the IOA, nor will their members be elected to the IOA EC or discharge any position of authority or control, nor will the SOAs be funded, patronized or supported in any manner by the Government.”

Additionally, a few more orders came out by the Delhi High Court:

  • The players should have at least 25% voting rights and must represent the general body of IOA and the executive committee.

  • SOA will no longer be able to take part in the elections whatsoever.

  • The National Sports Federation only will be responsible for governing Olympic sports as a member of the Electoral College.

  • The tenure and age restrictions will no longer be only applicable to the leading bodies. Every member of the in-action body will follow the same restraints.

Summing It Up!

After a couple of notices and warnings, FIFA had to ban AIFF when the governing body failed to hold elections and violated many rules because of undue third-party interference. However, this may cost India the hosting rights to U17 Women World Cup this year, which is supposed to happen between October 11 to October 30. All eyes are stuck on what happens next and are desperately waiting for the outcomes of the FIFA and Sports Committee meeting.

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