How To Get My Flight Upgraded For Free When Flying Cathay Pacific?

How to get my flight upgraded for free when flying Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific flight upgrade is a terrific way to use your Asia Miles if yo fly to Hong Kong and beyond in the premium economy. Moreover, Asia Miles can be used to upgrade to the business class on its subsidiary, which is known as the Cathay Dragon.

Since upgrades are now only allowed for one direction, you must pay for the return trip upgrade as a two-one-way upgrade.

What Upgrade Options Does Cathay Pacific Provides?

Speaking of upgrade options, the airline offers three different upgrade choices for its passengers; each Upgrade is catered to the passenger’s needs.

  • Buy Cathay Pacific Flight Upgrade:- Travelers can easily purchase the Upgrade via cash and pay the relevant fare difference and change fee. Up to three hours before the scheduled departure, you can upgrade to Business class.

  • Redeem Bookable Upgrade:- According to the mid-status advantages, Cathay Pacific’s Diamond and Gold members are eligible to receive the bookable upgrades after they hit a particular threshold of Status Points. These upgrades can be easily scheduled in advance, and the upgraded cabin class will determine how you can easily redeem many reward points.

  • Cathay Pacific Bid For Upgrades:- Passengers can try their luck with this one. This way, they can get a chance to receive upgrades at the price that works for them. All you have to do for this is tell the airlines how much you will pay for an upgrade by simply making this Bid.

  • Cathay Pacific Upgrade With Miles:- Use your miles to upgrade your ticket to the next higher cabin class as a reward for yourself. You must know that the original ticket must purchase in a qualifying tariff class.

How Does the Cathay Pacific Upgrade Work Exactly?

With the Bid Upgrade Feature, Eligible Economy and Premium Economy Passengers can move to one higher cabin class. All you need to do is follow these steps to upgrade from Economy to Business Class.

  • Check Your Eligibility – Upgraded bids are offered on a few routes. If you want to see your flight, you can verify your flight eligibility by providing your booking information.

  • Make an Offer to Upgrade From One Cabin Class:- During Bidding, you can gauge how strong your offer is. If the airline finally accepts your Bid. You must pay the amount you bid and will notify you 2-3 days before the departure.

  • Enjoy the Privilege:- Once your Upgrade is confirmed, you can take advantage of all the perks of flying in Cathay Pacific’s acclaimed Business Class or Premium Economy. You must know that your Upgrade will not include an additional baggage allowance.


Eligibility Criteria For Cathay Pacific Bid Upgrade

When you request an upgrade auction, there are various terms & conditions which will apply accordingly. Let’s take an authentic look at the conditions:

  • Participation in the upgrade Bid promotion is only by invitation, and the upgrade Bid is only accessible on the flights operated by Cathay Pacific.

  • Each Flight Sector might only have one submission of an offer per Booking.

  • Also, if a reservation includes more than one passenger, an offer to upgrade must be made for each additional purpose.

  • The offer amount will be assessed per passenger, meaning that the number of passengers in the Booking will be multiplied by the amount specified.

  • Entitled Passengers Must be at least 18 years old to submit an offer.

  • Upgrade Bid cannot be combined with any other discount, deal, or promotion.

  • Also, the baggage allowance will depend on the original fare class, or travel type indicated.

Other Supportive Information

For all flights booked online, The airline will email the Cathay Pacific Bid Upgrade Eligibility notifications to the passenger and the available one on the Manage Booking Tab.

  • While submitting your Bid, you can be prompted for your payment information.

  • You have almost up to 50 hours before the flight to amend or cancel your Bid.

  • The air service will send you a confirmation email to notify you that they have accepted your request before departure.

Steps to Claim Your Bookable Upgrade

To get the Cathay Pacific Points Upgrade, follow these below-listed steps:-

  1. First, you must ensure that your flight is confirmed and your ticket was issued with an appropriate fare type.

  2. Log into your account and go to the summary of your mind-status privilege page.

  3. Select the “request to bookable upgrade.”

  4. Navigate to Manage Booking to get the bookable Upgrade.

  5. One must submit online requests three days before your flight’s departure.

  6. Fill in your information and select the passenger’s name and the flight segment.

  7. A Customer care agent will email you the response within 72 hours of the request.

  8. When the Upgrade is approved, the passenger’s flight information will be updated automatically under the “Manage Booking” section.

How Can I Upgrade My Seats on Cathay Pacific Airlines?

Upgrading your seats on Cathay Pacific airlines is a small deal, but you can try multiple methods to upgrade your previously booked seats. Cathay Pacific airlines give a bid upgrade facility that allows passengers to upgrade their seats very simply

  • To begin, you need to check the eligibility of your flights either it’s eligible for an upgrade or not because an upgrade bid is only available for only selected routes.

  • To check the eligibility, navigate to the official Cathay Pacific Airlines Website and enter the booking number and last name to check the flight upgrade eligibility.

Procedure to Get Upgrade to Business Class

If you have booked your flight ticket in pre-economy class. Then you can easily upgrade to business class on Cathay Pacific airlines with the help of the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Navigate to the Cathay Pacific airlines website and then check the flight eligibility for the Upgrade.

  2. If your flight is eligible for upgrading, you will receive an email invitation seven days before the Scheduled departure.

  3. Next, the window will open the Upgrade Bid welcome page, where you can place a particular and unique bid.

  4. Afterward, you will get a confirmation email 48 hours before the departure.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Get Upgrade on Cathay Pacific (First Class)

Cathay Pacific airlines often do not allow passengers to upgrade their class to first class for any particular reason. But if your flight is eligible for an upgrade, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Upgrade Bid page and then check your eligibility for the Upgrade.

  2. Next, bid for that particular flight you wish to book, and you can pay this bid amount via BID cash.

  3. You can also use the Asia Miles for Bid, which will be counted as the bid cash. And after that you will receive a confirmation message regarding your Upgrade.

Suppose you cannot get upgraded on Cathay Pacific Airline Flights. In that case, you need to contact the Customer Services Team of Cathay Pacific Airlines 1-833-714-2120 and avail of instant assistance to resolve the queries related to the seat upgrade very simply.

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