The Best Hotels Closest to Times Square in New York

Hotels Near Times Square in New York

An Overview of Times Square in New York

New York is the hub of opportunities. If you are an aspiring model or actress, then New York is where you can get your next big gig. Every year, millions of people visit New York for various reasons. Some make it their home, while others come here to find solace. It is also very easy to get lost in nameless crowds. Alas, if you are planning to visit New York this season and hoping to find hotels near time square that gives the perfect view of Times Square, then you have arrived at the perfect place.

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Top Hotels Near Times Square, New York 

We have created a list of the all-time best hotels near Times Square, New York. Why don’t we start by looking at the cheap hotels near Times Square? Let’s start!

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1. The Whitby Hotel

The Whitby Hotel - Hotels Near Times Square
The Whitby Hotel

Have you ever heard the oldest building is, the more secrets it hides? Well, that’s not the case with the Whitby Hotel. This Hotel is known for its interior, over-the-top rooms, and luxury. Honestly, you will feel like you are coming straight out of a late 90’s Hollywood movie. The rooms are equipped with certain pieces and attached items that make you feel like you are living in a castle. There is a fireplace where you can chit-chat and take a nap too.

Life can sometimes be tiring, and who does not love pampering? We ladies especially love to get pampered. So, head straight to the Hotel’s Spa to release toxins, tensions, and everything that’s been bothering you lately. One more thing, before we move on to the next Hotel, is that it is considered one of the finest Nyc Hotels Near Times Square.

2. The Chatwal Hotel

The Chatwal Hotel
The Chatwal Hotel

The name said it all. It has to be one of the best hotels near Time Square, New York, on our list so far. Moreover, this Hotel has a bit of a history, which is interesting. It was once known as a Lamb club where celebrities often came to showcase their talent. Unfortunately, it was closed for some reason which is still unknown. Then, in 1905 it became what it is today, “The Famous Chatwal Hotel.”

Since its opening, it has been on people’s minds and lists whenever they visit New York for business, pleasure, or work. Considering it is one of the best Nyc Hotels Near Times Square, you can imagine the rush and people constantly looking forward to getting a reservation. Well, this Hotel is not just a hotel. It is more of a paradise where you can forget who you are.

If you are lucky enough to get a reservation, be ready to feel like a Queen or a King, especially if you have your butler. Only some hotels give you this facility, so choose wisely.

3. The Ink 48 Hotel

INK 48
INK 48

If you haven’t heard about this, you must be living inside your own bubble. Like the previous Hotel, this one also has some connections to the cinema world. One of the main reasons for tourists to choose this Hotel is because of its breathtaking views. Cause who does not want to wake up to a good view from their Windows? It gives the perfect view of Manhattan Skyline and Times Square, making it perfect for those searching for hotels near Times Square, New York.

Be ready for some tastings. You would love this place if you have keen knowledge about wines and are always up for some tastings. The bar in the Hotel also serves wines from different regions and other seasonal cocktails. Thus, it is the best place to hang out with friends and have the time of your life. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

4. The Made Hotel

The Made Hotel
The Made Hotel

To have the best time with your pals, you can stay in this Hotel. We have always heard from the guests who have previously stayed here that the staff is quite helpful. In case, you need any assistance, you know where to go.

Let me let you in on a secret. There are high chances for you to get upgraded to a premium room without having to pay that much. For party animals, there is a pub where you can sway all of your worries and get the taste of New York’s Nightlife.

To catch a break or to relax, you can come down and chill by the lounging area and socialize with other tourists. About the view, do not worry; it is one of the best hotels near Time Square, New York.

5. The Baccarat Hotel

The Baccarat Hotel - Hotels Near Times Square
The Baccarat Hotel

The next Hotel on our list is the Baccarat Hotel, which differs from your average Hotel. It is the best Hotel near Time Square, New York. It is not uncommon for tourists to move by its beauty. The interior of this Hotel does its job to catch every eye that makes its way to the Hotel.

Once you make your way into the Hotel after a long day, you can straight up head to the Spa to get some massages and relax. Make sure to get your hands on the afternoon tea. Experts say the afternoon tea at the Baccarat Hotel is one of a kind; you must take a chance to take a sip.

The focus point would be on its distance from Times Square, as it will only take you a few minutes from the Hotel to get to the Square.

6. Kixby Hotel


Not only people but hotels too can have a glow-up. That is the case with the Kixby Hotel, as it went under the knife and made its debut in 2019. Be ready to feel like you are in some famous and luxurious boutique while living inside one for a few days.

About the distance, it is not far away from the actual Times Square. So, you can get the hype behind this Hotel as the best Hotel near Time Squares New York. However, if you are a foodie, you can explore the diner and the bar inside the Hotel that serves mouthwatering appetizers.

Thus, if you are traveling with your pals, you will have a blast and click instaworthy pictures with them.

7.  Moxy Times Square Hotel

Moxy Times Square
Moxy Times Square

Now, this one is for the Gen-z generation. This Hotel has the best interior, perfect for your Instagram pictures. The food and other accommodations are great; you can chill by the lounge.

The Moxy Hotel has more than three lounges and other stations as well. You surely will stay energized as there is so much that you can do here. Remember, this Hotel is one of the best hotels near Times Square, New York.

8. The Library Hotel

The Library Hotel
The Library Hotel

Do not be fooled by the name. You will indeed be living inside a library for a few days. The fun fact about this Hotel is a library inspires it. And, you must know that every book is kept according to its genre and section in libraries. That is the same case here. The rooms are divided based on the Decimal system.

If you are a bookworm, you may think you are in heaven because you will have access to thousands of books.

Imagine sitting on the rooftop, reading your favorite book while sipping your favorite drink. Sounds too good to be true. Well, it isn’t. You can experience all this by getting a room here. So, what are you waiting for? Get a room.

9. Casablanca Hotel 

Casablanca Hotel
Casablanca Hotel

If you ever wondered how does it feel to live in the city? Sure, it can be unclear sometimes, but it has its beauty that you cannot ignore. The Casablanca Hotel is one of the best hotels near Time Square, New York. Like the other hotels, this Hotel has a bit of a history. The Movie Called “Casablanca” played a huge part in the design of this Hotel.

Do you know that you can get items for free? Well, the Hotel has a policy where they give out freebies to its guests, which is why most of them love it. If you are staying here, take advantage of the complimentary buffet breakfast.

10. The Freehand Hotel

Freehand Hotel - Hotels Near Times Square
Freehand Hotel

We have explained all the best hotels near Time Square, New York. The Last Hotel on our list is the Freehand Hotel, which has some historical connections, just like the rest. Do you know that the Freehand Hotel was previously known as the George Washington Hotel? The interior is to die for since it is well-connected to history. From comfy beds to chic decorations, the Freehand Hotel has it all.

The end! Now, choosing the best Nyc hotel near Time Square for your upcoming vacation is up to you.

Final Conclusion 

If you plan to visit New York this season, you must peep to find the best hotels near Time Square, New York. Hence, To make your search easier, we have mentioned some of the best Nyc hotels near Time Square, New York City. Furthermore, For more queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our official website.

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