The Best Hotels Near Saadiyat Beach Club

Saadiyat Beach

People who are looking for an escape from hustling of daily life or from busy schedule then Saadiyat Beach Club is the place for you. Seeking for a trip to the venue where you can feel the refreshment in the air, luxury, exclusivity, quality, and natural Surrounding. This picturesque place is enough to wash away all the stress that someone collected in their life. To make the vacation or a trip complete, you need to make your booking of the hotel confirmed. A list of Saadiyat Beach Club nearest hotel is given here, choose one by witnessing which one have the finest amenities and facilities.

1. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel is existed on a stretch of a 6 mile private beach that is existed on Saadiyat Island. It comes under the list of the hotels near Saadiyat Beach. By staying here for some days will give you the feeling of what luxury actually means. Every room is well maintained and have the service of the air conditioned with balcony, standing there you can witness the beauty of the outside. There is also a presence of an outdoor pool along with a health club.

The space in every room of this hotel is quite enough that you can play football inside it. This vacant space is complemented by a 42 inch flat screen LED TV and a iPOD dorking station in each room of this hotel. Witness the alluring beauty inside every room that are decorated with all the soft color give every wall of the room a touch that makes it unique in itself. The bathroom was open up, consisting a king size bathtub and a rain shower as well.

When it comes to the favorite aspect of every person that is food there exist 3 in house restaurant in Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel. Each of the restaurants offers a diverse options belongs to International Cuisine. One of these restaurants is The Beach House Restaurant that is full of mouth watering dishes along with the stunning view of the Saadiyat Beach.

In order to reach to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, you need to have a 35 minutes drive. If you are coming with your own car then no need to worry as the facility of the parking is available here.

Price for a night – Around $200 is the charge you must pay to spend a night at this place.

2. The St. Regis Saadiyat Island

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island

Want to know about best hotels near Saadiyat Beach? The St. Regis Saadiyat Island is another finest hotel near Saadiyat Beach that gives the permission to step on the private beach without any interruption. Facilities that this hotel award you is free high speed Wi-Fi along with the rooms with a spacious balcony. Like a posh hotel, it also have indoor pool or spa center inside so everyone can take the benefit of the same.

The inside of the rooms is in the Mediterranean style and adorned with paintings or small chandeliers. You don’t have to think for the space inside the rooms as it have beds with lavish comforters and pillows, along with a TV so no one feels bored inside the rooms. When you take any of the private room at this St. Regis Saadiyat Island, it comprises of two sink, private open washroom, a huge bathtub, rain shower, and every stuff might useful in toilet.

To past the evening time in a better way, you can play tennis or can check out the boutiques of the place. Every children can involve in several of the indoor or outdoor activities that is basically there for the children.

Taste the food of Modern Greek, South East Asian, and Mediterranean dishes and give the gift of delicious food to your tongue. Here are 6 restaurants and bars existed here in this hotel.

Price for a night – Too expensive because of the lavish facilities, so the price is approximately $5318.

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3. Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi

Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi

Feel pleasant with the bewitching view of the City Skyline and by the enchanting sparkling waves of the Arabian Gulf by making your stay at Four Seasons Hotel that counted under the clutch of Saadiyat beach nearest hotels. It is primarily located at Al Maryah Hotel. Grab the treatment that is gained by celebrity when you located at this hotel. Swim like a fish in the swimming pool by enjoying the panoramic Skyline. Carry a wish to see the Eclipse for once in life then go to the terrace as the whole setup is there. No matter at which corner of the property you are, can get the access of the free Wi-Fi.

Sophisticated interior of all the rooms with the legendary Four Seasons Bed, a sofa to relax, an oval desk that is double in size as a dinning table and a bathroom that is not less then a spa. Other then this, the most striking point about the room is that they all are facing the water and gives the wondrous view for which everyone desire.

Total Six restaurants and lounges in nestled within Four Seasons Hotel like Steakhouse Butcher & Still, Cafe Milano, and Cocktail bar Zsa Zsa. All of these offers the incredible dinning option by waterfront terrace. You can mostly find out the private option of dinning here.

Aware of the name i.e., The Pearl Spa and Wellness offers 8 different suites for everyone so that they can feel relaxed. One of these 8 suites, one is specially made up for the couples.

Take a visit to the Galleria Mall as it is directly connected through a passage that is well air conditioned with this Saadiyat Beach Club nearest hotel i.e., Four Seasons.

Number of the rooms: Including all rooms and suites, 200 are here.

Price for a night – $150 to $200 is the price you must pay to stay in this hotel.

4. Ramada Abu Dhabi

Ramada Abu Dhabi

Take a 10 minutes walk from Abu Dhabi Mall and you will reach in front of the Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche. It offers the service of accommodations with the modern Interiors and he paint is so satisfying or calm that it makes you fall in love with this place. Along with this, there is free Wi-Fi available, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center.

Every room of the hotels have the view of the water side that enhances its value. In each room, there is a flat smart TV, an iPod dock, and a minibar. The white marble stuffed bathroom is here that Shower, hairdryer, bathrobe, and a rain shower as well.

Pick your car and take it out from the parking or you can take a car on rent and then roll out for a drive of 20 minutes to take a visit to Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World.

Price for a night – Pay only $40 and spend a night here.

5. Rosewood Abu Dhabi

Rosewood Abu Dhabi

Rosewood Abu Dhabi is certainly have their place in the list of the hotels near Saadiyat Beach Club. Nestled in the heart of the city, this hotel strives hard to offer each and every artists a distinct, unique, and worth-remembering luxury lifestyle experience. It is necessary as when they came for the next time, they wouldn’t go somewhere else.

Total 148 guest rooms, 41 suites that are too much spacious, and along with these all the iconic towers surrounded this have 131 spacious or big residences who all are related to the world-class service.

When talking about the realm of food then there comes total 8 hotels and restaurants that present the dazzling view of the water. People who have the intent of their trip like wither they went for the business purpose or leisure, the aura of the restaurant is apt and for both. No disturbance will come if you are having any of the office meet here.

The location of this hotel is so premium that half of the masses takes the decision of staying here only because of the location only. For all the shopping lover, the place is like a headquarter as it is connected with the Galleria Al Maryah Island that is a new spot to do shopping. Apart from the every other hotel in Abu Dhabi, Rosewood Abu Dhabi inheres the sense of Rosewood in itself to justify the sense of the place philosophy by reflecting the culture, history, and geography of the place.

Price for a night – Pay $115 and take a room for yourself for a night full of facilities and amenities.

6. Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

Hotel Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi is not too far from any place as only 30 minutes is needed to reach to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. And if you land in Dubai at Dubai International Airport then you need to take a drive of about 90 minutes from Dubai International Airport. It is home of the Abu Dhabi Trade Complex, our Abu Dhabi Beach Hotel is straightly linked with the exclusive passageway to the Abu Dhabi Mall. This is certainly, the most renowned shopping mall in the whole capital. It is home to many International brands and have in total 6 screen Cineplex and venues that may keep you and your family entertained.

Several number of amenities are there like:

  • Free parking
  • High speed service of Wi-Fi
  • Swimming Pool for every person
  • Bar and Lounge where you can enjoy while having a drink
  • Spa, Gym and Massage Center
  • Tennis court
  • Private Beach as well.

Price for a night – Average charge for a night in this place is about $115.

7. Jannah Burj Al Sarab

Jannah Burj Al Sarab

Jannah Burj Al Sarab is in the cluster of the hotels near Saadiyat Beach that is situated in the heart of the downtown Abu Dhabi. Whenever you feel like being on some other place, take a 5 minute drive to land your feet in Corniche. Reach to any part in the entire area of the hotel Jannah Burj Al Sarab, you will have the service of free high speed Wi-Fi that is necessary for all the tourists that came from different parts.

At the moment when you take a step in any of the room and suites of this hotel, you will feel calm and contented as every room is decorated with the light or pleasing colors. There is the presence of a smart TV, a desk for some work with laptop, and a window that is equal to the size of the wall. Splendid marble embedded bathroom that has the space like a room is there along with a king size bathtub and rain shower separately as well.

All the facilities that are countable and present here are Swimming pool and a gym both that exist in the terrace from where the mind-boggling view of the Arabian Gulf and the City came up. For a whole day dinning there exists a restaurant that serves the iconic dishes of the International Cuisine. For snacking and chilling, reach to the lobby lounge of this hotel.

Saadiyat Beach and Al Maryah Island that houses the Galleria Mall is only need a 10 minute drive from here. Abu Dhabi International Airport is around 29 km far away from Jannah Burj Al Sarab.

Price for a night – All in all, $1,275 is the charge that came up for a room.

8. Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Le Meridien Abu Dhabi is not only a hotel but is a historical icon that carry the historical significance as well. It is a beach resort from 20th century, came into existence in 1979 by the Sheikh Zayed (Father of the Nation) and Queen Elizabeth (Her Majesty).

Placement of the hotel is very crucial and it is located in the City center from where the Abu Dhabi City Center mall and other major landmarks are in proximity. The trademarks of this place are a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and spa, garden loaded with lush greenery, free Wi-Fi, and free parking.

You all might know this that all the rooms of Le Meridien that is one of the best hotels near the Saadiyat Beach are recently renovated. All the rooms of this 5 star hotels offers a vibrant look and looks not less then a lavish one as there exist a work desk, a siting areas, and a private bathroom in which interruptions is not included. Complete your booking to take any of the alternative from Deluxe, club room or any of the suites as well.

To have the taste of some of the signature dishes or staple food then Dine in the Italian Restaurant Meridien Plaza, Mediterranean restaurant Mykonos, and you have the alternative as well to take a visit at Abu Dhabi’s city authentic British Pub and Sports bar i.e., Captain’s Arms.

The distance of this hotel from Abu Dhabi International Airport is about 22 mi.

Price for a night – Pay about $50 and take sleep for a night in any of the rooms of this hotel.

9. Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island

Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island

Having an exquisite private beach area, Rixos Premium Hotel is located in the Saadiyat Island district that is not too far but 3.7 km from Louvre Abu Dhabi. Every room is kind of loaded with all the facilities and amenities. You can take stay in any of the 278 rooms and 12 villas. Some of the additional areas that is involved under this territory of the hotel are fitness center, on-site spa, private beach, and water park as well.

In this hotel, every room is customised properly as it all contains a desk to put your laptop, a 56 inches smart LED, and A private bathroom in every room with all the facilities inside it. Some of the rooms included a kitchen with fridge as well so sometime people who wishes to cook can cook as well whatever they want to have for themselves. In addition to this, every room contain an air conditioning and a wardrobe as well.

Take a drive of 20 minutes from to reach to the Yas Mall whereas Abu Dhabi International Airport lies 25 km far from Rixos Premium Hotel.

Price for a night – The prices here for a room vary between $8880 to $8890.


Multiple options are listed here for the hotels near Saadiyat Beach. You can go ahead with any hotel listed here that you find apt enough according to your desire or needs. Book your hotels near Saadiyat Beach with Flightaura and have the discount to let you have the deal at a bare minimum price.

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