Best Hotels Near Kite Beach for Accommodation

Best Hotels Near Kite Beach for Accommodation

Kite Beach is an amazing place for tourists who are seeking an adventure thrill along with a peaceful time. At Kite Beach, you can enjoy Kitesurfing along with Kayaking which can be sufficient enough to create an adrenaline rush in your body. Along with Kite Beach, major top tourist destinations are located in the state of Dubai, which will complete your holiday list of Dubai. However, the first major thing for any holiday planner is to find the right accommodation which comes in their budget range and provide all the amenities to fulfill their requirement. Thus for that, we are here going to list some of the top hotels in Dubai which are suitable for your accommodation and from where you can easily reach Kite Beach. So, check out the list of some of the best places to stay near Kite Beach.

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Some of the Best Kite Beach Nearest Hotels

Here we are going to list some of the best hotels in Dubai which are closest to Kite Beach. From this list, you can find all the information regarding what is mandatory to know before booking accommodations. The majority of the Hotels in the state of Dubai are 5-star. However, they are suitable enough to fall under the budget of any traveller. So check out the list to know about some of the best hotels in Dubai closest to Kite Beach.

1. Bulgari hotel

Bulgari hotel - Hotels Near Kite Beach
Bulgari hotel

The Bulgari Resort is a top 5-star accommodation that holds the number one spot in the list of best hotels near Kite Beach Dubai. The Bulgari provides all the basic amenities which can be required by any visitor or tourist on their vacation. Some of them include free internet, parking, a fitness centre, a pool, and babysitting facilities. Not only that, each and every room inside the Bulgari comprises a flat-screen TV, coffee/tea maker, working desk, air conditioning, blackout curtains, and many others. Depending on your preferences and other factors, you can choose a suitable one from many of the options provided by the hotels. Mandatory information you need to know before booking accommodation inside the Bulgari is listed below:

  • Total number of rooms: 121
  • Accommodation prices: USD 649-1299
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 4-5 miles

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

From the name only, it can be easily concluded that no explanation is required to indicate the luxury which you will be getting in this hotel. Standing on an artificial island, the hotel stands at a height of 210 m which mark its name in the list of tallest hotel in the world. Apart from being the top 5-star in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is itself a landmark for which the majority of the tourists collect every day to view its amazing architecture. Although there is no need to discuss of basic facilities of this hotel, being mandatory, we are going to list some highlighting facilities that can be utilized by visitors on their visit to this hotel. That includes free internet, parking, an outdoor swimming pool, a private bathroom, a kitchen, and many others.

Being in the middle of the sea, visitors can enjoy an awesome sea view from each and every room that comprises a flat-screen TV, key card access, a safety deposit box, and many others. All these things make this hotel one of the best places to stay near Kite Beach Dubai. Necessary information which you need to know before looking for accommodation in this hotel is discussed below:

  • Total Number of rooms: 198 rooms
  • Accommodation Prices: USD 1049-3899
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 3-4 miles

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3. Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah
Madinat Jumeirah

Another major Kite Beach nearest hotel that provides an amazing view of the sea, beaches, and, most importantly, the Burj Al Arab is this Madinat of the Jumeirah. This hotel is a perfect destination for one seeking a comfortable and peaceful environment along with a blend of beach experiences. In this hotel, you can find all major facilities like a fitness & wellness centre, spa, and many other highlighting amenities. The hotel also comprises major dining spots where you can enjoy continental dishes along with an amazing view from any location of this hotel. Other major information regarding this hotel includes:

  • Total number of rooms: 292 rooms
  • Accommodation Prices: USD 499-999
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 5 miles

4. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Another 5-star hotel near Kite Beach Dubai but many other tropical spots is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This one is located right in the heart of Abu Dhabi, which makes it a perfect spot for accommodation in terms of location. Not only major tourist spots but also all of the public are located within walking distance from this hotel. Some distinguishing facilities of this hotel which you cannot find in others include foot massage, car hire, windsurfing, a gift shop, and many others. From each and every room, you can enjoy an amazing ocean view. Inside the hotel, you can locate over ten restaurants where you can have amazing dining, be it a romantic, official, or any other family get-together.
Each and every room in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel are spacious and large to accommodate a family and comprises some basic facilities like a widescreen TV and free internet. Each and every visitor in Jumeirah Beach have free unlimited access to Wild Wadi Waterpark. Refer to the list below to get details regarding accommodation in this hotel:

  • Total Number of Rooms inside Jumeirah Hotel: 618
  • Accommodation charges: 249-1299
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 3-4 miles

5. Paramount Hotel Dubai

Paramount Hotel Dubai
Paramount Hotel Dubai

The next on the list of best places to stay near Kite Beach is the Paramount Hotel Dubai. This 5-star hotel in Dubai comprises well-furnished and spacious rooms, all of which are decorated in Hollywood style inspired by the movies which are released and distributed by Paramount Pictures. This hotel can be the perfect spot for visitors who are movie buffs and special fans. From this hotel, visitors can easily reach not only Kite Beach but other major destinations like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Business Bay Dubai, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Major public transport is the Dubai International Airport which is just 16 km away from this hotel and can be easily reached within 15-20 minutes.
Paramount Hotel is a major spot for visitors to book meetings and social gatherings. All the major facilities spare no effort to give an amazing Hollywood experience in the state of Dubai. Other useful information regarding accommodation in this hotel is listed below:

  • Total number of Rooms: 823
  • Accommodation Prices: USD 99-899
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 7-8 miles

6. Anantara World Island Dubai

Anantara World Island Dubai
Anantara World Island Dubai

The Anantara World Island is a major 5-star accommodation among the 940 hotels present in the state of Dubai that fulfils all the requirements required by any user during their vacation. Having its location as a major factor, the hotel provides its visitor accommodation under two categories which are the ocean view and the beach view. Based on your budget and another factor like accompanying people, availability, requirements, and many others, you can find the right one for you. For dining, around 6 restaurants are located inside this hotel where you can plan a perfect dinner. Major restaurants inside the Anantara World Dubai are listed below:

  • Helios
  • Qamar
  • Luna
  • Hamacland.

Along with that, you can book a enjoy an amazing cinema experience under the stars with your colleagues. Major amenities available in this hotel include free internet, valet parking, free yoga classes, a fishing area, children’s playspace, a private beach, Karaoke, and many others. Every room of this hotel comprises of a cable satellite TV, coffee/tea maker, bathrobes, bath shower, and a separate dining area. Other useful information regarding the Anantara is listed below:

  • Total number of rooms: 70
  • Accommodation Prices: USD 299-6999
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: Half a mile

7. Five Palm Jumeirah

Five Palm Jumeirah
Five Palm Jumeirah

Another major 5-star hotel near Kite Beach is the Five Palm Jumeirah, from where visitors can easily reach Kite Beach within no time. This Five Star hotel is a perfect spot for the ones who are looking for a peaceful and comfortable environment with their colleagues and piers. Although many hotels can be located in Dubai where you can enjoy dining on a rooftop restaurant along with an amazing view of the city of Dubai, none of them can compete with this hotel. The Five Palm hosts many events like Splash Dance, Catch Themba, and many other pool parties. Major renowned singer from around the world has marked their visit to this hotel. Talking about accommodation, refer to the information below:

  • Rooms available: 470 rooms
  • Accommodation Budget to stay in this hotel: USD 149-2499
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 10-11 mile

8. The Meydan 

The Meydan - Hotels Near Kite Beach
The Meydan

The next Kite Beach nearest hotel is the Meydan, whose unique feature is its architecture. The Meydan is also a number one preference because of its location, where it is only some minutes from major attractions like Dubai Mall, Soho Garden, Quve Sports Bar, Bazaar, and the Burj Khalifa. From various rooms of this hotel, you can enjoy the extraordinary view of the Meydan Race Course and the Dubai Skyline. Along with the accommodation facility, the hotel comprises conference rooms and a ballroom which makes it the number one pick for hosting scientific meetings and another social gathering. Major information you need to know regarding this hotel is listed below:

  • Total number of rooms: 284 rooms
  • Accommodation prices: USD 99-549
  • Distance from the Kite Beach: 8-9 miles

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Summing it Up

Here we have listed some of the best hotels near Kite Beach Dubai, where you can find the perfect accommodation. All the hotels mentioned above fit any matching criteria set by the visitors for their holiday planning. Some of the top hotels you might have heard about. But the ones mentioned here are the best options for a comfortable stay in Dubai. Now, if you need any further information regarding other hotels, refer to our blog section. In case you need assistance, connect through the given helpline number or the live chat below.

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