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American Airlines Business Class Flight

Everyone fantasizes about traveling to some place in Business Class Flights and strives hard to make those fantasies come true. The first step is booking the flights, and then all other things are in line. Hence, to make your booking with any airline, you need to follow a certain type of procedure; after that, only you can land your foot in that place. So, here we are explaining how to book American Airlines Business Class Flight. If you are looking for a deal that matches and satisfies your expectations, you must read this blog.

American Airlines Business Class Flight – Facilities and Amanities

Traveling in the business class American Airlines is still a dream many normal or middle-class people think of. If you are going for an American Airlines vacation in a business class, you will definitely have some fun. Let’s see why a person traveling in business class will have fun.

  • Access to Flagship Lounges and Admiral clubs:

Getting bored while having a layover at a place? No worries, American Airlines welcomes you as a guest in their admiral clubs and Flagship lounges. Drinking complimentary cocktails or mocktails and eating delicacies from various places is a fancy way to spend time.

A calm or peaceful area is here if you have the zeal to rest or complete any of your crucial work. On the other hand, you can also land your feet in the bar area where you can bless your ear with music and mingle with other passengers.

One enticing fact is that if you travel during the football or NBA season, you can probably spot a cluster of people watching that on one available TV.

  • Seating in Business class

The seating in the Business class flights of American Airlines is marvelous in terms of comfort and quality. It is the exact replica of the Cathay Pacific Airlines business class seats.  Through lie-flat mode seats the comfort is at another level. It enables you to get lost in the world of dreams while traveling from one place to another. It is incomparable with anything as you’ll get up fresh the next morning. Certainly, these seats are the best if you have a meeting or important work the next day or instantly when you land up.

Keep in mind to go for the Direct Aisle Seat. If traveling on International long-haul flights, you must get up from your seat only once during the whole trip. Hence, Direct Aisle flights will give you access to get up directly without any intervention. Besides this, you don’t need to climb over someone else, and no one will climb over you.

American Airlines Business Class Baggage

As a Matter of Checked Baggage

American Airlines baggage policy has allowed all business class passengers to take 2 checked bags for free. And the weight they are allowed to pack into each bag is up to the limit of 70 pounds, i.e., 32 kg in each bag for no charges.

If you fall in the following given cases, you become eligible to get a third checked bag for free in the business class.

  • If you belong to American Airlines Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum elite status.
  • Are you an active U.S. Military member? Yes, then you can take up to 5 checked baggage for free, but only when traveling on orders.
  • If you have Oneworld Emerald Status with one of the partner airlines of American Airlines.

In the Matter of Carry-on Baggage

You can only take one carry-on baggage in the business class of American Airlines. Some of the requirements of carry-on American Airlines are given below:

  • Carry-on bag size on American Airlines business class shouldn’t exceed the limit, i.e., 22×14×9 inches or 56×36×23 centimeters. This carry-on size includes the handles and wheels as well as the baggage.
  • It must remain fitter in size.
  • If your bag doesn’t fit under the seat or over your head in the cabin and airlines will ask to re-checkin. Besides this, there are some restrictions at certain airports due to which they charge additional carry-on baggage.
  • You can take the soft-sided garments in your carry-on baggage up to 51 inches or 130 cm (total length + breadth + Height).
  • Musical instruments are also considered carry-on items, and the same rules go with it that goes with carry-on baggage.

The Process to Book a Business Class American Airlines

Visit American Airlines’s website and log in to your AAdvantage account. Pick out the option “Redeem Miles” and enter the choice for your destination and departure cities. Now fill out your travel dates, select your date for the travel, and then confirm the details you have. Once you confirm, you can enter the passengers’ details and feed the payment information. And you are done with your booking, or you’ll also receive the confirmation in some time.

An appealing thing also exists that you can do with American Airlines while traveling in business; that is, you can opt for American Airlines vacation. It allows you to spend a whole vacation irrespective of thinking of building one by taking the stress of what to do after exploring one place. Through American Airlines Vacation, you can plan everything at a single moment.

One more surprise American Airlines have is the availability of gift cards. You can buy it from the American Airlines website, and the nature of these American Airlines gift cards is that they are redeemable. You can gift it to anyone else, like your family members or friends who love to travel. To use the gift card, you need to visit the American Airlines website or call American Airlines on their number, i.e., 1 (800) 433-7300 or, +1-833-714-2120.

How to Book Multi-City Flights with American Airlines?

A short procedure for the same is given here. If you want to book a Multi-city flight with American Airlines, you should implement the points given below.

  • Select the option available with the name “Multi-City” tool.
  • Enter multiple destinations after reaching the window of the Multi-city tool.
  • Pick the booking with American Airlines.
  • Then, in the end, confirm your booking of the Multi-city flight with American Airlines.

Multi-city flights allow you to travel to two or more destinations during one trip, and you will book the same number of flights equal to where you want to go. Multi-city flights are quite different as they make you enjoy one destination before heading towards the next destination. Multi-stop and Multi-centre are the names by which these flights are well-known.

What is an American Airlines Student Discount?

If you are a student and till now pursuing your studies, you should know about the American Airlines student discount, how much it is, what it means, and how to avail of it.

A glimpse of student discounts at American:

  • By applying for the student discount while traveling with American Airlines business class, an additional 10 % to 20 % will be given to you.
  • If you are a part of the listed school and University, there is no resistance that can stop you from acquiring the student discount.
  • There is a need for all the students to showcase their student ID cards to attain the student discount.

If you don’t know how to receive the student discount while traveling with American Airlines, you can come to Flightaura for detailed information.

Steps to Avail Student Discount on American Airlines

  • Get to the website of American Airlines as it is the first step, and then login into your account by entering your login credentials.
  • After this option, there comes the option where you need to enter the name of the destination you want to travel to and then have to click on “Search”. All the flights of American Airlines that are aiming at that particular location will appear.
  • Pick the flight that satisfies and suits all of your requirements.
  • After this, enter your details if you are the passenger, and if you are not, then mention the details of the person for whom you are booking.
  • If you are a student, you should provide all the details and documents that will ultimately prove that you are a student.
  • Make your selection for the seat on the plane and proceed further with the payment gate.
  • You must enter the American Airlines promo code on the payment page to get an instant discount.
  • When you make the payment of the discounted ticket price, then your booking procedure will end.

How to Contact American Airlines Customer Service?

Most of the instances are when people find difficulty searching for a solution; hence they prefer to call American Airlines. 123456789 is the American Airlines phone number; dialing to get the solutions to any of your queries.

American Airlines’ contact may be lengthy, and you must wait for so long. Hence, you can opt for the call-back option, where you can cut the call and receive a call back from American Airlines when your turn comes up.

In a Nutshell..!

Booking a flight ticket in American Airlines business class is easy and can be done by anyone following the methods. If you think that the prices are quite high for the flights, then you should take a visit to Flightaura. For any assistance , please contact to live person at american airlines by calling on the number, i.e., 1 (800) 433-7300 or +1-833-714-2120 (for best business class deals).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, AAdvantage Miles expired in the span of every 24 months of inactivity of the account. So, if your account remains inactive for such a period, then the Miles points in your account expire and become none of your use. So, take a preventive measure and use all those AAdvantage miles points for eligible purchases.

Yes, it is true that the seats of all American Airlines Business class flights get fully reclined and turn into flat seats. Besides this, on short-haul International and domestic flights, first and business-class seats only recline for a few inches, and it is just for the name they get recline.

All the passengers of the American Airlines business class are eligible to change their seats for free. The only exception exists that makes you pay the charges for the same if you have a booking on the flight that originated outside of North and South America.

No, it is not true that Business class on American Airlines is available on every flight. It is generally available on transcontinental and International flights and sometimes on some domestic flights as well.

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