Drive From Dubai to Some of The Best Places in the UAE!

Drive From Dubai to Some of The Best Places in the UAE!

You love road trips, obviously Yes to is the question that comes from your mouth. You might be looking to take a road trip, hearing to your favorite songs, lower the car windows, and moreover, feel the natural breeze against the face or take a break from the AC for a few moments and observe how people are rushing for work while you are enjoying your holiday and journey to a few of the hidden gems in the UAE. The road trips have their own beauty rather than a dreamy flying in the sky. If you’re living in Dubai or being on a Dubai vacation and observing a gateway, go through these exciting road trips from Dubai we have categorized for you. Confirm to move through all the driving rules in Dubai which is essential.

A Few Fascinating Places to Travel from Dubai to UAE

Some beautiful spots are discussed below to travel from Dubai to UAE.

1. Ras-al-Khaimah

Take a drive from Dubai to Ras-al-Khaimah, if you have loved the combination of history and travel, then Ras-al-Khaimah should be the favorite and fascinating place for you to take road trips from Dubai. You will observe several historical buildings, adventures and beautiful places like fishing, paragliding and horsing. These are the true spots for all the history buffs and adventure junkies out there.

2. Hatta

What to observe for travelling from Dubai to Hatta as it takes one a few hours to approach heavenly places filled with awe-striking mountains, adventures and amazing attractions. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s a wonderful spot for a great gateway to Dubai, especially from road trips. Various spots are located in Dubai to travel and things for you to explore away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Fujairah

Imagine taking road trips from Dubai to some places surrounded by spectacular views with your family or beloved ones for driving Dubai to Fujairah. It is so much to perform there and a significant place if you are travelling with your family. The ideal method to enjoy this place is by moving to a beach resort and getting engaged in watersports to have a break from the hot weather for a while. You have several attractions for sightseeing too.

4. Ajman

Ajman emirate is a more exciting tourist spot and is represented to be the tiniest of all the emirates in UAE for taking a drive from Dubai to Ajman. Get here a perfect combination of vibrant nightlife, top attractions and beaches, amazing resorts, scenic beauty and cafes with an old-school charm too.

5. Liwa

It is one of the fascinating and exciting for taking road trips for a great gateway for driving from Dubai to Liwa. It can be the adventure or the culture or the history that you are observing for and you will obtain everything with the best fascinating site in Liwa. If you are fortunate, plan your journey during the Liwa Date Festival to look how beautiful a celebration would be.

6. Sharjah

To explore UAE is never complete without travelling from Dubai to Sharjah. It is one of the prominent cities which has received more significant over the years with its exciting and fascinating heritage and history. Historic spots are not only prominent but also the markets over there. Identify a few histories, chill and explore the popular attractions in Sharjah.

7. Dibba

Get a fascinated view of looking at the sea on one side and mountains on the other for driving from Dubai to Dibba. So, Dibba is one of the beautiful tourist spots to travel to in the UAE. If you are experiencing busy city life, travel to this relaxed destination in the UAE. Just driving to this spot through a scenic route is sufficient to blow your mind.

8. Al-Ain

Al-Ain is one of the prominent tourist places with lush greeneries, natural springs and mountains with breathtaking views for driving from Dubai to Ail-Ain. If you have ever thought of taking road trips from Dubai through one of the scenic roads, then visit the Al-Ain trip without any second thoughts. It stands as a resident of various beautiful attractions involving a few tall-standing mountains and various historical buildings.


However, these are only a few fascinating spots discussed above but there are more prominent places with their amazing history and culture. These eight tourist spots provide you with immense help for the amazing landscapes or the top attractions. It is an essential thing to take road trips to any of these amazing destinations if you are observing for a quick gateway. So, plan today for the UAE journey today with Flightaura. You will get everything that you are looking for.

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