Cycling the World’s Deadliest Road

Cycling the World’s Deadliest Road

When travelling to South America, a few things you should keep in your mind are “you have to do”. One of them is cycling the deadliest road, Bolivia. It is popular for many reasons but need not worry because it sounds being dangerous. The world’s most dangerous road is accessible as a day trip from La Paz, Bolivia. This road is used by lorries and buses until it is used by a cyclist or adventurous. It is also a bit of a tourist attraction for backpackers and daredevils. So, cycle the death road in Bolivia from top to bottom without the bus. So, we are sharing a few pieces of information about this infamous death road cycling in Bolivia in this write-up. We hope that it will help in preparing for you to cycle on the death road in Bolivia.

History Behind Bolivia’s Death Road

You won’t be surprised to listen that the death road is not the real name. It is the Yungas Road now 60 km or 40-mile downhill cycling track. The North Yungas Road was built in 1930 by the Paraguayan Prisoners of War. People are dying every day with a per person rate while using this road. It was recorded interestingly by media as the world’s most dangerous road. Here the tourist attraction has grown up and the new road was constructed for non-tourist stuff.

Location of the Death Road in Bolivia

The North Yungas Road is never far from La Paz at the Death Road. It is about eighty km with a two-hour drive from Bolivia’s capital. Most people visit Yungas Road as a day trip from La Paz.

The Death Road in Bolivia Death Toll

The death toll on the death road is eighteen tourists since 1998. It’s just cyclists. However, the reason behind the North Yungas Road becoming unpopular was because a lot of people are dying on it before it became a cycling track. Hundreds of unfortunate bus drives, locals and truckers have moved throughout the twentieth century. Thankfully, various unlimited traffic uses the Death Road which has been a protective constructed road. However, a few Bolivian towns are still using the death road and occasionally you may meet the traffic.

Death Road Cycle Tour Cost

Cycling the Death Road is one of the most renowned activities in South America. So, do the hundred per cent booking in advance with a lot of disappointment. Tours vary in cost from $50 to $150 but health and safety in Bolivia is a little hit and miss. So, don’t stop here. You require a bike with breaks that work.

Cycling the Death Road in Bolivia with My Girlfriend

Cycling the death road will be on your bucket list for years. Finally, visit Bolivia. Travel with your girlfriend to visit multiple destinations. A scary prospect as Jaa had never been stricken with gears before. To keep a matter a little scarier, select a day to search for snow at the top. Pick up the appropriate clothing for the weather but went off anyway.

Beginning the Day

The day itself is a lengthy one. Travellers will take up to two hours drives from La Paz. You have to climb a few serious hills in the minibus and the weather suddenly turn around with chilly and cold breeze once you reach around 4,000 altitude which is almost 14,000 ft. from the sea level. Now come out of the bus and the cycling plan is quite easy for you.

Come down up to 1000 meters around 75 km by descending. The traveler guides will explain everything in detail. Spin-on your bikes before preparing to move down and take a little taste of alcohol one for yourself, one for the bike and one for the earth. It can be something like getting into the mountains to achieve anything, especially your girlfriend to the bottom in one piece.

The opening section is quite simple and most of the paved roads are explaining to you about the death road. Comfortable on a bike and hang on it with confidence to ride on the mountainous roads. Once you descend the weather will slightly turn warmer and the landscapes will change dramatically and the view will be worth for you to capture in your blue eyes.

So, these are the most fascinating facts and travelling ideas about the paved roads in Bolivia. However, there are other roads where you feel satisfied and excited once you move on with your cycle or bike. For more Information’s visit


Ques. How long does it take to cycle death road?

Ans. The trips cost ranges from $100 to $200. It almost takes about five to six hours to complete.

Ques. Why is Death Road so dangerous?

Ans. North Yungas is a popular Death Road. Driving up or down for 70 kilometers is extremely dangerous because of landslides, fog, cliffs and cascades which drops to 2,000 ft. after every turn.

Ques. What is the most dangerous death road trip?

Ans. Pick up the courage and drive the world’s dangerous road with an obvious mountain bike tour of Bolivia’s Death Road. Take a professional guide for driving downhill for 40 miles on a slender and paved road constructed into the mountainside.

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