Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

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Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Allowance, Rules & Policy


Before booking your flight tickets, knowing about Lufthansa Baggage Policy is essential. This will help you to pack your baggage accordingly and you will be able to save some money. Speaking of Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines is one of the biggest Airlines in Europe, it has been here since 1953. Lufthansa Airways has specific rules & regulations when it comes down to its baggage policy that every passenger needs to follow for a smooth journey.

Lufthansa Airways Carry-On Baggage Policy 

According to the Lufthansa Baggage Policy, passengers can carry one bag, if they are traveling in economy class or premium economy class. Whereas, business class travelers can bring two bags as their carry-on baggage. Moreover, you can bring along some personal items which include digital devices or clothes. 

Your luggage needs to fit in the overhead bin and passengers can keep it under the seat in front of you. Here are the dimensions & weights as per the Lufthansa luggage policy:- 

(i) Dimensions Allowance on Carry-on Baggage:-

The carry-on bags should not exceed more than their given dimensions; 22x16x9 inches. Other than that, it should include all the handles and pockets of its bags. 

(ii) Weight Allowance on Carry-on Luggage:-

The weight should not be more than 8 Kg or 18 lb according to the Lufthansa carry-on baggage.

Lufthansa Checked Baggage Policy

As per Lufthansa’s checked luggage Policy, the amount for the free checked baggage is determined by the weight & the dimensions of the baggage as well as the booking class. 

  • Economy class passengers are only allowed to get one piece of the checked baggage which weighs around 23 Kg on intercontinental flights.

  • Passengers in the premium economy class are permitted to bring at least two 23 Kg check-in bags.

  • Business-class passengers however can only check two bags around 32 KG. On the other hand, first-class passengers are allowed to check three 32 kg bags.

  • Infants under the age of two years can check one bag with a maximum weight of 23 KG, regardless of the travel class, route, or status.

For passengers who are traveling with Lufthansa Airlines have added checked baggage advantages in their kitties, such as:
  • The Lufthansa Baggage Policyfor economy class clearly states that passengers are only allowed 2 pieces of baggage up to 23 Kilograms.

  • However, the premium economy class permits its passengers 2 items of baggage up to 23 kilograms.

  • Lufthansa’s Business class baggage allowance policy allows the users 2 bags up to 32 KG.

  • Therefore, Lufthansa Airlines first class passengers are permitted to check in up to 3 baggage to 32 KG.

If the traveler is a member of the HON Circle or Star Alliance Gold Member, & Senator, then:
  • Economy class passengers are permitted to check 2 baggage with a weight limit of 23 Kilograms.

  • Also, Premium economy class passengers can check 3 baggage for up to 23 KG each.

  • Business class travelers can check 2 items of baggage up to 23 KG/each.

  • Whereas, first-class passengers are allowed to check 3 baggage items up to 32 KG along with the addition of sports baggage and golf equipment bags.

Lufthansa Children’s Baggage Policy

  • Children below the age of two are permitted to carry a piece of extra baggage of up to 23 kg along with their single carry-on.

  • Depending on the airport, you may carry your children’s other essentials such as; Car Seat, Pram, and so on. Make sure to check with the Airport authorities in advance to avoid any last-minute frenzies.

  • However, baby strollers are allowed unrestricted movement throughout the airport. And, they are usually checked in at the boarding gate and given upon arrival.

Lufthansa Extra Baggage Allowance

  • According to the Lufthansa baggage policy, passengers are obliged to pay extra fees when they are carrying oversized baggage. As per the rule, a single piece of check-in baggage should not be over 159 cm which will be around 32 KG. If your baggage does not fit the criteria, then you need to pay extra additional baggage charges at the airport.

  • For heavier baggage, travelers need to pay $ 70 for European flights and $150 for intercontinental flights.

  • If you traveling in the economy & premium economy classes, then you have to pay at least $150 per baggage if the dimensions exceed 159 CM for European flights. As for intercontinental flights, users are required to pay $300.

  • Users need to pay at least $220 per baggage if it’s overweight/large on European flights in the economy & premium economy classes. Whereas, passengers have to pay $450 per baggage for intercontinental flights.

  • Also, if you are a business class or first class passenger, then you have to pay $150 per baggage for European flights. For intercontinental flights, you have to pay $300 for the additional baggage.

Sporting Equipment Policy For Lufthansa Airlines

Travelers who are traveling on Lufthansa Airlines, have to register sports baggage 24 hours before the flight departures. To avoid the Lufthansa additional baggage fees, your sports luggage weight must not exceed 32 Kg;-

  • North Africa, Central Asia & the countries of the eastern Mediterranean coast which costs around;- $100

  • $150 for the short intercontinental routes

  • Passengers have to pay $200 for the medium intercontinental routes.

  • Long intercontinental routes cost around $250.

Lufthansa Airlines Musical Instruments Policy

As per the Lufthansa Baggage policy, musical instruments weighing more than 32 kg can only be taken after you have informed them about the size of your baggage before the departure time. 

  • Passengers can only take luggage that weighs around 32 KG along with dimensions of 292 CM in between Europe & world-class countries. For this, the passengers will be charged around $300.

  • The maximum approved weight for travelers traveling through intercontinental is 32 Kg with dimensions of 292 CM. And, this will cost you around $400.

Lufthansa Military Baggage Policy

Since it is an international airline, Lufthansa does not offer any military baggage policy for U.S. military personnel. 

Lufthansa Damaged, Delayed & Lost Baggage Policy
  • As per the Lufthansa Delayed Baggage Policy, you should keep your flight documents such as boarding pass & baggage claim tag handy just in case. With that being said, you need to wait at the baggage claim area for an hour, before you go ahead and report your lost baggage.

  • Whenever you report your missing baggage online, or to the tracking desk, you will be provided with a file reference PIR number.

  • However, if it’s been more than a day, then Lufthansa airlines will contact its passengers and then requests them to list out the contents of the baggage.

For Damaged Luggage
  • As per Lufthansa’s damaged baggage policy, passengers can report this issue at the airport or within seven days of the journey.

Here’s How You Can Pre-Pay For Your Baggage

In this section, we will be sharing how you can pre-book your baggage just like you have booked your flight tickets. To pre-pay for your luggage, you have to call the Airline’s call center.

There are also some alternative ways as well, you can also visit the official website of Lufthansa Airways. And, once you have done this, you will have to log in to your booking. And, it can be done by simply clicking on the My Bookings tab.

Things You Need to Consider Before Packing

  • Passengers need to contact the reservation hotline to inform them if they are planning to carry any sports equipment. Call the Airline at least a day before your departure.

  • Lufthansa Airlines permits passengers to bring along a piece of snowboarding equipment for absolutely free. But, be careful not to exceed the overall baggage quota.

  • If you are required to take any medical devices, then you may travel with these items as the check-in or carry-on. However, the device should be approved by the FFA.

  • Disabled passengers, it is allowed to carry two wheelchairs or other aids in their free baggage allowance.

  • However, passengers can take musical instruments into the cabin with them. It may require an additional ticket depending on its weight & dimensions.

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