9 Best Countries To Travel To From The UAE – Escape And Explore!

9 Best Countries To Travel To From The UAE – Escape And Explore!

Hi travel sweethearts! It’s the ideal opportunity for an ideal Europe trip. Do you have some idea what we are going to share with you in this blog? Indeed, it’s with regards to the 9 Best Countries To Travel To From The UAE. Assuming you’re an expat working in the Middle East and hoping to go on a vacation in another country that is not a long way from Dubai then, at that point, you’re fortunate in light of the fact that you have plenty of options to choose from! There are a ton of excellent nations to visit close to Dubai. So, let’s get started without wasting even a single minute!

1. Tunisia and Morocco

There are a lot of motivations to make North Africa your next travel destination. Most importantly, the locale is open. Likewise, both Morocco and Tunisia are just a short flight away from Europe and make a simple extra to European or Middle Eastern get-always. They’re also dazzling, with tall mountains, sweeping deserts, and beautiful shores characterizing their scenes. Most altogether, they’re blasting at the creases with interesting chronicles and cultures. There is such a huge amount to find in Morocco and Tunisia, making them ideal travel destinations for the shrewd voyager on a North Africa get-away.

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2. Montenegro

Ask any individual who visits this cut from outright heaven and they’ll let you know that Montenegro is a place where there is Adriatic paradise. Overflowing with rolling, glorious pinnacles, detached and staggering sea shores and the absolute most amicable peeps on the planet, this little however strong nation demonstrates that probably the best things in life in all actuality do for sure come in small bundles. The climate in Montenegro is ideal because of the warm environment. The waterfront resorts, cascades, rivers, mountains, and chronicled sights of Montenegro make it the pearl of European summer for the travel industry. Visits to Montenegro are not over the top expensive compared with other European nations.

3. Turkey

Turkey is a historical destination to visit and one of only a handful of exceptional cross-country nations in the world with practically 3% of its territory falling in Southeast Europe and the rest in Western Asia. Each locale in Turkey has a one of a kind kitchen culture, utilizing particular recipes and ingredients. Accordingly, Turkish cooking is considerably more than delectable kebabs and baklava.

4. Armenia

Armenia is a small nation, frequently forgotten by explorers because of it being concealed behind Turkey and its more famous neighbor, Georgia. It’s an old and magical land, and a nation still untainted by the hordes of mass tourism, despite the fact that there are more than enough things that should be done in Armenia. Winters in Armenia are rarely very cold. This is the season when the nation is covered with pure snow. Temperatures range from 2 to – 10°C. Make sure that you visit this country for sure if you are planning your next adventurous trip from UAE.

5. Kenya

Kenya humblingly affects the individuals who travel there. To call an excursion to this African country a simple occasion is to misjudge its impact on you. Visit ‘the cradle of civilisation’, as it is occasionally called, and you’ll encounter a long lasting, otherworldly connection with this beautifully astonishing place. For some, it can be love at first sight because of its mesmerizing beauty. A visit to Kenya is nothing without a visit to the wonderful romantic beaches in Mombasa, Malindi, Diani and Lamu. Lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the coast offers swimming and kitesurfing experiences just as complete unwinding.

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6. Georgia

In our knowledge and expertise, a visit to the previous Soviet republic of Georgia should be on everybody’s bucket list of trips. With assorted beautiful architecture, amazing high mountain views and the old wine-developing district of Kakheti, Georgia is a country that you love to explore for sure. These days the mountains are overwhelmed by dazzling snow-covered glacial masses, completely clear streams, and lakes and offer you the opportunity to recognize bears, hawks, and wolves. The Caucasus is an optimal area for strolling and journeying, especially in spring and summer when wildflowers are out in overflow.

7. India

Scarcely any nation on the planet has such a profound, long lasting impact on travellers as India does. Sitting upon heaps of history, there is maybe no other country on Earth that is home to such checked differences as India is. India is loaded with mesmerizing beauty, diverse culture with its chaos of sounds, its energetic tones, and it’s outrageous inconsistencies. Maybe no other nation can offer the scope for finger-licking delicacies that India does. There’s no such thing as ordinary Indian food; from Kerala to Kolkata there’s a buffet of awesome regional cuisines to be found and explored.

8. Jordan

The significantly misjudged spot of Jordan is one of the well known Arab nations for the vacationers. The place where there are lost urban communities should be more well known as the best travel destinations however it endures ‘responsibility by relationship because of its location in the Middle East. With a populace of just 10m, some may think Jordan brings close to nothing to the table as a travel destination. Notwithstanding, explorers who come will charm at the magnificence of the proposition and leave feeling overwhelmed by the liberality of its kin. From staggering natural scenes to incredibly famous verifiable and religious destinations, Jordan is a piece of the Middle East ready to be found and explored.

9. Nepal

Nepal actually avoids vacationer’s travel wish lists of must-dos, and we for one can’t get why: the perspectives are really very amazing with wilderness, lakes, and mountains, individuals are agreeable, it’s home to once in a blue moon journeys and it’s protected and economical destination to travel for sure. The capital city of Nepal is brimming with amazing sights, sounds, and smells to embrace. Kathmandu is spilling over with attractions and activities for you to find and explore to the fullest extent.


These 9 best destinations for you to explore will leave you in heaven and you couldn’t imagine anything better than to visit these nations once more. All in all, why pause and reconsider? How about let’s start planning your next trip with Flight Aura. book your flight tickets today at an affordable price at Flight Aura. hurry up to seal the deal at a more economical price!

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